How to Make an Origami Flower

How to make an origami flower

Origami was first introduced in Japan during the early 700s, when paper arrived there. Origami is simply the art of folding paper to create beautiful designs. For this type of craft idea, special Origami paper is recommended. The standard size of Origami paper is 6 by 6 inches or 15 by 15cm.

How to make an origami lily

The Origami Lily is a very popular and fairly easy to make origami flower. The lily was thought to represent innocence and purity and comes in a variety of colors like yellow, pink, white, orange and red.

Getting started

The Origami Lily is fairly easy to make if one has the patience and can follow straightforward directions. For this Origami design, fabric-textured Origami paper or Washi paper is recommended so as to enhance the beauty of the final product. Fabric-textured Washi or Origami paper can be purchased online or from any Asian themed variety store for a mere $10.38 for 20 sheets of 6 by 6 paper in assorted colors and varying designs.

Making the base(Water balloon base)

For the Origami Lily, a base known as a water balloon base is required. Start with the required 6 by 6 inch Washi paper. Fold along the diagonals and then again at the North-South and East-West points, creasing well. The result should form four triangles that are equally creased in half, in the shape of a pyramid of sorts. After this step is complete, collapse the paper by bringing the edges together until the result looks like a four-pointed star. Next, fold the opposing sides to form a triangle. This is the water balloon base.

Completing the Origami Lily

Lift the top flaps of the triangle and fold until the result looks almost like a paper airplane. Fold the lower edges of the paper towards the centre line. Crease it and then unfold it. The result should look like a diamond shaped kite. Fold the upper corner down and then unfold it. Place a finger under the lowest point of the kite shape and fold upwards. This fold is called a petal fold.

Repeat the petal fold for the remaining three corners until a smaller kite shape is formed. Then, fold one corner of the kite downwards and repeat for the three additional corners to make a diamond. Fold the upper edge of the diamond towards the centre crease or line and then repeat for the three other corners. Turn the paper upside down and start folding out the four petals of the Lily.

Finishing touches

For the curling effect in the petals, hold the base of a petal in your left hand, then run your right thumb and a pen, pencil or marker along the petal’s length. Note that the thumb should be in front while the pen is at the back. Repeat for the remaining petals. Do this several times to ensure a good curl. Open out the petals and the Origami Lily is complete! It should have four lovely petals.

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