Ways to Break Up with Your Boyfriend

Infidelity, lack of trust and irreconcilable differences are just few of the many reasons to break up with your boyfriend. Whether you like it or not, different kinds of problems will come and test your relationship. At some point in time, it is very possible even for what appears to be a sparkling and heartfelt commitment to turn into something sour, lifeless and boring. When this kind of moment arrives, it is good to know the different ways to break up with your boyfriend. If you can do these things properly, you are doing yourself a favor by ending what appears to be a relationship without direction.

Date His Friend

One of the surest ways to break up with your boyfriend is to date his friend. This is a very insulting move, which many guys find humiliating and definitely unforgivable. Although you might end up looking bad in the end, it remains one of the highly effective ways to lose a guy in no time. Aside from the humiliation, it sends him a very clear message that your relationship has no future at all.

Just End It With a Simple No

Although this does not work for some people, it is good to give direct answers especially to highly questionable relationships. If you really do not like your boyfriend anymore, tell him directly what you mean and then explain why you do not want to pursue the relationship any longer. Of course, it is very important to be firm with your decision because it is very much possible for the guy to beg you not to leave. If this happens, you can delay the breakup but you are actually just prolonging your agony. A simple but very clear and sincere explanation is enough to make this work.

It Is Always Good to Be Nice

In case you are dealing with a very nice guy, you need not break his heart and make his life miserable by dumping him rudely. Instead, repay his being nice with nice acts as well. Tell him in a calm, sincere and nice manner how you wish to end your relationship. To emphasize your sincerity, you can hold his hand as you deliver him the sad news. In case the feeling is mutual, things would still work in your favor as you can end up being potentially good friends with your ex-boyfriend. Breakups need not be bad and bitter all the time. As one door closes, it opens numerous windows for other wonderful opportunities and colorful relationships to enter your life.

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