Ways to Tease a Guy

Knowing the ways to tease a guy is one thing, but actually pulling it off is another matter. Here are the things you need to keep in mind.

How to Dress Properly

Wear clothes that show only a bit of skin. If you wear pants, expose your arms or belly button. If you’re donning sleeved shirts, put on a short skirt.

Never wear short and tight clothes; it is too provocative. Don’t wear long and baggy clothes because your figure won’t show. The bottom line: wear clothes that leave something to the imagination.

Wearing a perfume is recommended but don’t overdo it. One of the best ways to tease a guy is to get close to him, just enough so he can smell your perfume. Don’t put too much makeup on.

A bit of lipstick, eye shadow and eyeliner will be fine. Use the makeup to accentuate your looks. Hair color doesn’t matter as long as it’s clean.

Personal Hygiene and Habits

This means washing your hair, brushing your teeth, cleaning your nails etc. Avoid nail biting in front of people and scratching your body. Swearing should be avoided as well. You need to eliminate any other unwanted habits or mannerism on your part. You also need to take care of your skin. Work on your smile too; it will add to your appeal.

How to Behave

Do not be a snob. If you want to know the ways to tease a guy, you’ve got to be approachable. You should be nice to people so they don’t get turned off. Don’t hesitate to make the first move and say hello. You need to have self confidence. If the guy is shy, talk to him and make him feel comfortable.

Try not to be too hard to get. If you want him to chase you, give him something to hope for. Don’t make it appear like it’s a hopeless situation. Going out to the movies is okay. However you shouldn’t do it every week.

If you give him your number, don’t call him; wait for him to call you. Don’t be in a hurry to answer the call. Turn on the answering machine or wait several rings before you pick it up. Another way to tease a guy is not to appear too excited when he asks you out.

Things to Avoid

Don’t tease the guy in a public place. Do it when you’re alone. Don’t hand out your phone number to every guy you tease. Give it only to the one who really interests you. Try to act naturally; being an obvious tease may turn off some people. Again, it’s vital you tease without being too vulgar.

Don’t go after the guy; you’ll appear desperate. If he’s interested he’ll go after you. Don’t appear easy to get. Be elusive, someone who isn’t always there. This will make the guy long for you.

Being aware of the ways to tease a guy makes you more tantalizing. By harnessing this skill, you’ll become a part of his every waking moment, and his dreams.

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