Ways to Impress Girls

There are several ways to impress girls, but some methods have proven their worth through the years. Here are the essential do’s and don’ts.

Grooming and Hygiene are Important

Brush your teeth, comb your hair and put on clean clothes. You don’t need to wear expensive stuff; just make sure the clothes fit you. Your physical appearance is the first thing she’ll see, so try to be as presentable as possible.

Attitude and Manners

You don’t want to appear like a nervous weakling, but you can’t afford to be cocky either. You should be friendly, outgoing and a good conversationalist. Listen to what she’s saying and hold your end of the conversation.

Don’t talk about things like your favorite sport or video game if she isn’t into those things. One of the best ways to impress girls is by showing interest in her hobbies. Don’t forget to offer her compliments and say thank you when required.

Try to keep your answers short but informative. If she asks about your job, don’t go into every detail. If she asks more questions, then you can talk about it more.

Respect the Girl’s Friends and Parents

You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but you should respect it. Be careful about what you say about her friends. You don’t want to say anything derogatory, but you shouldn’t say anything that appears too patronizing.

Of course the same rule applies to her parents. One of the proven ways to impress girls is to show courtesy to her folks. While being polite is necessary, try not to overdo it. Her parents might become suspicious and think you’re just acting.

Sense of Humor is a Plus

Girls love guys who are funny. Tell her a few jokes or make witty comments. Share a funny story with her. Don’t overdo it, but rest assured you’ll impress her more if you can make her laugh.
Be Caring and Compassionate

Take the time to listen to her problems and try to help out. Do not discuss these problems with anyone else. This will show her that you are someone she can trust. Earning trust is one of the most efficient ways to impress girls.

Things to Avoid

Don’t make dirty jokes. Don’t swear in her presence. Do not criticize her. If she asks for constructive criticism, do it, but then say something complementary later. If you start dating don’t bring up the topic of your ex unless she asks about it. Do not compare her with your former girlfriends. While girls like guys who don’t tattle, don’t be too quiet.

If you’ve been friends for a while, giving her a hug when you meet is okay, but don’t grope. Also, don’t borrow money from her. Never say anything disparaging about her to your friends. It will eventually reach her, guaranteed.

When you’re thinking of ways to impress girls, always try to be respectful. Just be yourself, and the girl will be more than happy to start a friendship with you.

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