Ways to Please a Man

Usually it doesn’t take much to make guys happy. If you’re still searching for ways to please a man, consider the following suggestions.

Keep Yourself in Shape

It’s true relationships should go beyond physical attraction, but it is still a major factor. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for two months or 20 years. To keep your man happy, you’ve got to maintain your figure.

You don’t need any special diet pills to do this. You just need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You won’t just look attractive for your man, but you’ll feel good about yourself too.

Learn to Listen and Give Advice

In most cultures, men can’t express their emotions as openly as women. One of the ways to please a man is by being there during times of trouble. Try your best to be a shoulder he can lean on. Again, men will express their troubles differently. Most have trouble expressing it at all.

You don’t have to force it out of him. Just let him know that you’ll be there for advice if it’s needed. Relationships aren’t always bright and sunny. There’ll be the occasional trouble. But by helping your man cope, it will make your bond stronger.

Toys for the Boys

Finding a suitable gift shouldn’t be difficult. If he’s a sports fan, get him some apparel or equipment of his favorite team. Video games, model cars, CDs and game consoles are always good choices.

If he likes to tinker around, toolboxes and electronics will be the thing to buy. Another way to please a man is to buy him cologne, clothes or a music player. You just need to figure out their interests.

Be Adventurous in Bed

Show your partner that you enjoy sex as much as he does. Surprise him by taking the initiative. Get some sexy lingerie and seduce him. Don’t hesitate to experiment; your partner may want to try something different but just can’t say it. Don’t think for a moment that showing off your wild side will offend him in some way. It will in fact, stimulate your sex lives.

Give Him Time to be with Friends

Another way to please a man is give him some time off so he can be with his fishing buddies or poker friends. Just as you like to spend an afternoon shopping with the girls, so do guys enjoy some male bonding. Some guys like to relax after a hard day’s work by watching a ballgame with their friends. Give him some space and time.

There are other things you can do. Cook his favorite meals, give him a massage or serve him breakfast in bed. Don’t be shy about saying how much you love him. Men will appreciate those words just like women.

Although it really doesn’t take a lot to make guys happy, do try to go that extra mile. By learning the ways to please a man, you’ll be able to keep the romance alive as the years go by.

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