Ways to Please a Woman

The ways to please a woman are many and varied. If you’re looking for ways to demonstrate your love and affection, try these out.

Help Her with the Housework

Sometimes men don’t realize how hard it is to maintain a household until they’ve tried it. After eating, volunteer to wash the dishes and clean up. You can also do the laundry, iron the clothes and dust the place.

These acts will do two things. First, it will reduce their burden. Second it will make her realize just how much you care for her work. Don’t forget to tell her every now and then how much you admire her efforts to keep the place in order.

Take Her out to Dinner

Another way to please a woman is to take her to a fancy restaurant. You don’t need to do this every day, but nor should you restrict it to special occasions only. Taking her out on Valentine’s Day or her birthday is something she’ll expect. Go out on other inconspicuous dates to surprise her.

Of course, it’s not practical to go to high class restaurants every week. However, you should take her out to these fancy places every now and then. An alternative is to prepare a romantic dinner at home. Have it ready when she gets home from work or from an outing with her friends.

Give Her the Weekend off

One of the best ways to please a woman is to tell her she has the weekend off. Serve her breakfast in bed. Tell her you’ll be doing the chores in the house. She can just stay in bed or go shopping with her friends. While you take care of the house, she can head to the beauty parlor or go to the spa.

Buy Her Gifts

Jewelry, clothes, bags and shoes are just some of the gifts you can lavish on your loved one. Save some money now so you can give her that necklace she’s been eyeing in the store.

Aside from clothes, you can present her with accessories like bracelets, sunglasses, cell phones etc. While the ways to please a woman should go beyond giving material things, she probably won’t mind if you lavish her with presents.

Let Her Take Charge

When it comes to your intimate moments, let her take control. When in bed, take your time. Do your best to stimulate her and help overcome her shyness. If she’s the aggressive type, let her take over.

Say “I Love You”

That may seem hopelessly old fashioned, but it never fails to work. Try to be spontaneous about it. You can say it when she’s serving your breakfast, before you go to work or when you’re making love.

Send her a love card when she’s at work. Give her flowers and chocolates. Age doesn’t matter; you can never be too young or too old to please your girl.

Trying to find ways to please a woman isn’t that hard. They’re generally not demanding, and by showing your love she’ll be more than willing to reciprocate your actions.

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